RewovenMC is a project based on the Fabric Project, and the late Legacy Fabric. Its two main priorities are to keep parity with upstream and to support every version between 1.7.10 and 1.12.2. Our API currently supports 1.8.9, and 1.12.2 (stable), and 1.7.10 (experimental).

WIP, check back later for download!

Built to perform


RewovenMC provides an API with common hooks and features to allow interoperability between mods, as well as easier mod development.


Rewoven creates its own mappings (based on Legacy Fabric's Legacy Yarn) for development. These are heavily inspired from Fabric's Yarn.


RewovenMC prides itself on its use of The Fabric Project's latest builds of Fabric Loader, ensuring the best performance, stability, support, and usability.